May 28, 2009

Have a problem with law?

In this globalization era, everyone has freedom to think, speak, give idea, express, or show the ability. But, sometimes we might break the rules and threatened by positive legal law. If you have a problem like this, you have to prepare for several actions. One of them is by finding and hiring the lawyers. The next matter is how to choose the best lawyer. Before deciding the proper lawyer, you should understand and identify about the case. By doing these, you can search for the best lawyer who has special ability in helping your case. You also can ask to your friends or search for the people who had the same case in the past and ask their experience using lawyer. You have to be careful in choosing the lawyer and you are not recommended to expect too high about the lawyer performance. If he/she tells you and ensures you that he/she can win your case and also gives guarantee about it, you are not suggested to work with him/her. The reason is no one can guarantee that he/she can win your case in a court. You also may check about the lawyer performance and reputability by using internet or other media. After you sure about the proper lawyer, you may hire him/her to help you in solving your case.

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affa said...

waduh bahasa inggris tp gpp

pertanyaannya giman dengan di indonesia

klo di indonesia urusan hukum kayaknya tu dah proyek deh

heheh ni kayaknya gtu deh

semangat bro

Sholihin said...

latihan british bro... :D
ya semoga ke depannya, hukum di Indonesia dapat ditegakkan dengan baik, jangan jadi 'proyek' lagi.