Mar 7, 2009


Can you imagine if there is no plant in this world? It must be stifled and the other creatures such as humans and animals will not be able to breathe because of lack of oxygen. Plant is one of life creature which has the most important role in ecosystem of this world which is getting hot. The flora has various kinds and unique that is not imagined us. Don’t believe? Below we will find the facts about the flora:

Do you know the biggest flower in the world? If you answer the biggest flower is Rafflesia Arnoldii, you are right. This plant could growth widely up to one meter and has weight up to 11 kg. It just appears in Sumatera and Kalimantan forest. But, do you know that Amorphophallus titanium or famous as The Titan Arum, could growth until has height between 1 up to 3 meters and has weight up to 80 kg? If you want to know this flower form, look at our former paper money, 500 rupiah, yeah it is a carcass flower found in deep Sumatera.

If there is a biggest flower, it must be a smallest one in the world. The record holder of the smallest flower is a kind of genus Wolffia, a kind of no root plant which is very small in a family of duckweed (Lemnaceae) that life in calm water flow and pool. This plant is assumed as the smallest plant in the world. There are two species in this plant, which are Wolffia august, an Australian species, and Wolffia globosa, a tropical species. The average size of this plant is no more than 1 millimeter with the average weight only 150 micrograms.

Most of plants come from seed. Do you know that the biggest and heaviest seed in the world is Coco-de-Mer Palm (Lodoicea maldivica) which is originated from Seychelles Archipelago in Indian Ocean? It has length up to 12 inches and weight up to 40 pounds. Whereas the smallest seed comes from the orchid family has weight only 1/35 millions ounce.

Previously, the tallest tree record belongs to Stratosphere Giant which life in Redwood National Park. Its height is up to 113 meters. But this record is guessed has been broken by discovering of three trees in the same place. It is named Hyperion which has height up to 115.2 meters. Until now we still wait the confirmation to state that Hyperion is the highest tree in the world.

Will you know what the biggest organism in the world? It is elephant or blue whale? No. The answer is a kind of mushroom (fungus) which is called armillariaostoyae or honey mushroom that live in Malheur National Forest in the east of Oregon, USA. This mushroom lives in about 3 foots below land surface and has area about 890 hectares and life for 240 years and more. Believe it or not that this organism live in the below of land surface is not a group of mushroom, but only one mushroom.

I want to tell you what plant which survive since dinosaur’s era? It is maidenhair tree or called as Ginkgo species or Ginkgo Biloba. It has existed since Jurassic period and Triassic period (135-210 million years ago).


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