Mar 7, 2009


Animal world is very interesting to be observed. Besides their behavior, there is a lot of information that can be explored even we will be impressed if we study seriously about animals. We also can find the unique fact of animals. Below we will find some unique fact of animals.

talk about the fastest animal in the world, we usually focus on cheetah, the big cat species livein Africa. It is estimated has speed about 70mph (114 km/hour). But, do you know that the fastest animal is a bird named The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)? Its speed is about 242.3 mph (390 km/hour), compare with the fastest speed reached by F1 racing sports car that only has 229mph (370 km/hour). This
animal has population that spread in all continents except Antarctic. Its population is endangered and nearly in extinction as its habitat damaged by human activities.

Do you know sailfish? This is a favorite fish for professional fishers. Actually it still ecomes a mystery for biologist. It is caused by the fast motion and migration of this delicious fish. Beside that, fish which has a Latin name of Istiophorus albicans (for fishes which are in Pacific Ocean) and Istiophorus platypterus (for fishes within Atlantic Ocean), is spread in hundreds miles from the beach. It makes the scientist hard to find their certain location, do the tagging process, and collect data about them. However, the newest study shows that this fish is really ‘fast’. Believe it or not, 36 hours after it produced eggs, immediately their eggs cracked and become a new fish. This growth of body is also very fast, about 6 foots per year.

If we talk about the strongest animal in the world, we often think that the strongest animal is elephant. But, do you know that African elephant is only able to bring something for 25% of its weight? Compare with the rhinoceros beetle which is able to load about 850 times of its weight. In other word, according to the weight proportion, human will stronger than elephant. Human is able to lift the load up to 10 times of its body weight, even more.

Ostrich is not a usual bird. It has tall up to 2.5 meters and weight up to 180 kg. Beside it has a big body, it also has super endurance. It is able to live in more than 40 degrees until 0 degree of Celsius temperature. Ostrich has long life up to about 50 years. Although it has a big body, the cost for its food is just approximately US $75 a year. The only difficulty in keeping this bird is a cage. It needs a wide area and caged. One time upon it gets out from its cage, you need a car to catch it back because it is able to run up to 50 km/hour.


According to the scientist, animal which has the loudest voice is blue whale (Balaenoptera Musculus), which is also the biggest animal in the world. Its voice is stronger than the sound of Harley Davidson motor, even stronger than the loudest rock concert and exploding of a bomb. How loud it is? It voice loud is about 188 decibels. It is equal to one million times of jet machine voice (which reach about 120-130 decibels). Remember that its voice will increase logarithmically. It means that every 10 decibels increasing, the voice intensity is will increase up to 10 times. It is one of the reasons for us to thanks to God that this blue whale is only live in deep blue sea.

Do you want to know what the smallest vertebra in the world is? This kind of a small fish is called stout infantfish. It becomes as the smallest and lightest vertebra in the world. This fish which live in around Great Barier Reef, Australia, has a length about 7 millimeters. Actually, this Australian fish has a rival. It is a kind of fish which has a Latin name as Paedocypris Progenetica. It can be found in turf marshland area in Sumatera. It has length about 7.9 millimeters.


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